Who Is Women of Power

Women of Power (WOP) is an outreach ministry under the covering of Dominion and Power Family Life Center INTL. The founders, Apostle Paul Beard Sr. and Elect Lady Donna Beard, oversees this momentous ministry.

Elect Lady has created outreach ministries and programs within WOP with emphasis on Women of Power and Elady Ministries. Women of Power is the women ministry at large that equips, encourages and educates women, compelling them to be healed, and live set-free lifestyles. This ministry has attracted many renowned Women of God: Dr. Juanita Bynum, Evangelist Joyce Rodgers, Evangelist Karen Clark-Sheard, Pastor Kim Pothier, Dr. Yvonne Capehart, and the list goes on…

WOPemerged from aSisterhood meeting Elect Lady held at their local church in 1999 until the present. E.lady wanted to establish a safe place for hurting women to come and be healed. Through her own life experiences, she knew what it was to face personal trauma and suffer in silence. Resonating from broken women, a silent question lingered in the atmosphere of nations–who shall I turn to or trust with my brokenness, my nakedness, my shame?

Like any prophetically innovative movement, this ministry was a divine answer to a spiritual need. WOP was birthed out of the spirit of Elect Lady Beard, burdened by the overwhelming reality of women bleeding in secret, too insecure to walk in destiny. This is a deliverance ministry designed to draw women out of bondage, to be made whole, delivered and validated in Jesus according to Matthew 9:21. It is our hope that this God experience impacts the lives of women globally, that their fruit of healing remains, and soul-restoration spreads touching other women (fulfilling divine purpose in the earth).

Women of Power host several events throughout the year, which leads up to their annual Women Conference, that takes place in the Spring.

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